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"Glitch '95" Original Painting

This piece is a trip down memory lane for me. I grew up using a Microsoft PC running Windows '95. The concept is the viewer is looking at the screen of the desktop home layout. It displays four recongizable file icons on the desktop. However, the screen is slowly being taking over by multiple glitches. One of the most common occurances within Windows '95 is the pop-up dialog box. The holographic inlays are to represent the moire effect found on old CRT computor monitors. The whole piece is incased in clear resin giving it the illusion that you're looking into a computer screen.

"Glitch '95" Original Painting

  • Size: 24in. x 24in.

    Medium: Acrylic Spray Paint & Acrylics

    Topcoat: Resin

    Substraite: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

    Frame: Aluminium

    Hanging: Wire

    Features: Glows in the dark, Holographic Foil


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