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"༄Diamond" Original Painting

I love the idea of breathing new life into the early 2000’s media player UI skin designs & presenting the aesthetic in a different context. This design treatment transcended from computer UI design all across the mainstream media then subsequently forgotten. The implications of the touch screen was the catalyst of industrial cyber shapes & the pseudo 3D buttons to fade away. The tape deck display was fazed out in favor for minimalist UI. When Apple released ios7, it marked the death for 3D design all together & we soon saw all tech design follow suit. With once was the cutting edge of tech design now lives on in the deepest parts of our memories. This piece is meant to reach in & grab it, pulling it to the forefront as a reminder of where we came from.

"༄Diamond" Original Painting

  • Size: 18in. x 49in.

    Medium: Spray Paint & Airbrush Acrylics

    Topcoat: Matte Clear

    Substraite: Diecut MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

    Hanging: Cleat

    Features: AR App Intigration

  • Money back guarantee or in-store credit if the piece is delivered damaged.

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