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"Inversion" Original Painting

*Sold through Ewkuks Gallery


I wanted to push the boundries of augmented reality with this new piece. 


Instead of using AR to make the painting come to life using animation, I wanted to see if I could use AR to actually influence how the artwork is percieved on its own. 


I developed an AR filter for Instagram & Facebook called REinverter, which launches as a standard camera showing the physical work in its original form. When acted on as a screen tap, the color profile of the camera is inverted revealing how the artwork is meant to be seen. The viewer has total control how & when they interact with the piece. 


There's no AR trickery with a video embedded in the camera overlaying the artwork. No, the physical work is seen in its original form in frame the whole time.

"Inversion" Original Painting

  • Size: 25in. x 25in.

    Medium: Acrylics 

    Topcoat: Matte Clear

    Substraite: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

    Hanging: Cleat

    Features: Instagram AR App Intigration

  • Money back guarantee or in-store credit if the piece is delivered damaged.

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