"Life 360" Original Painting

Life 360 is a retrofuturism commentary piece on the next evolution of social media. I think we can all agree, whether or not we like what social media is doing to society, it's here to stay. The longevity of concepts depends on constant evolving and improvements. Over the years we have seen how much Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed. In this piece I envision a social media environment in 3D space with the use of VR technology. This seems like the next logical step to remotely increase interactions and at the same time disconnecting us further in the real world. 

"Life 360" Original Painting

$400.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
  • Size: 24in. x 24in.

    Medium: Acrylic Spray Paint & Acrylics

    Topcoat: Resin

    Substraite: MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

    Frame: Aluminium

    Hanging: Wire

    Features: Glows in the dark & in UV Light (Blacklight), Holographic Foil